As with all products, Bloss articles too – both for indoor and outdoor use – require regular cleaning.

In particular, and especially if products are used outdoors, it is recommended to remove regularly any vegetation and limestone build-up, dust from urban pollution, fertilizer residues, stagnant water, and traces of food. Cars and boats are samples of standard products designed for outdoor use, although they require constant cleaning to be kept tidy.

Though high-quality stainless steel is almost maintenance-free, it is not impervious to corrosion. Your Bloss products must be regularly cleaned with a cloth soaked in water and neutral soap. This treatment minimizes the contamination of surface areas, as well as the risk of surface contamination with iron particles, a phenomenon also known as “iron contamination”.

Cleaning should be more accurate near marine areas or pools. Indeed, sodium chloride found in swimming pools and sea water is stainless steel’s major enemy.

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