Green Quality

Bloss design, functionality and beauty last forever. Quality that starts with stainless steel. Indestructible material, which remains unchanged over time and does not warp under hot or cold temperatures. And it is 100% recyclable.

Stainless steel: the king of sustainable materials

Recyclable, clean and durable: what makes stainless steel one of the most sustainable materials in the world

The word “inox” stands for “stainless”, because this type of steel withstands corrosion.

Stainless steel is widely known as one of the most durable building materials ever.

Stainless steel is completely recyclable and can be reused several times in different applications.

Aluminum, another material used by BLOSS

Aluminum is easily recyclable by melting. Melting is fundamental because makes 100% recycling possible ad infinitum, only requiring 5% of electricity for primary aluminum production.

BLOSS makes a sustainable choice even when it comes to colors

With low environmental impact, powder coatings used by Bloss do not require ozone-depleting solvents and do not generate production waste.

Powder coatings used by Bloss have a decidedly low environmental impact compared to those normally used and have been awarded SMaRT Platinum certification for sustainability. They do not contain solvents and toxic heavy metals.

The application method used by Bloss also offers important advantages, as it allows powder coatings to be applied with a single layer process, with any excess powder collected and reused.

The result is long-lasting protection, which reduces the need for substitute products or coatings.

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